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Before starting please ask support to activate txAdmin on your panel.

  1. Login into your game panel

  2. Select your server in the server list

  3. Select Startup.

  4. Set ENABLE TXADMIN to 1

  5. Go to your server console and start/restart your server.

  6. Copy the pin code and port inside the console. You need this in one of the next steps

  7. Open your browser and go to http://yourserverip:txAdminPort example:

  8. Enter the pin code from before and click on link account

  9. You need to give txAdmin permission to your account. Click on Yes, allow

  10. Enter a backup password for txAdmin

  11. Click Next

  12. Enter a name for your FiveM server

  13. Click on Local Server Data

  14. Enter the base folder: /home/container/ . Click on next

  15. Enter your server.cfg location: /home/container/server.cfg . Click on next

  16. Click on Save & Start Server

       Your txAdmin is now ready for use. Have fun!


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